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Disambig.png This article is about layout specifics for Maze Location articles. For basic details on location formatting, see The Blackout Club Wiki:Style Guide/Article Style/Locations.

Template-info.png Documentation

This article template is specifically for locations in the Maze described in The Blackout Club Wiki.

Templates - Top of Article


This template may be required depending on the contents of the article.


Fill as many fields as possible. Fields with no known value should be left blank, however, it is also acceptable to have "Unknown".

MazeLoc Infobox:
{{MazeLoc Infobox|Red Doors= |Image= |Level Unlocked= |Connections= |Location= }}

The Image field is for the location's image. These images should not be modified. Contact MrMusicMan789 in the article's Talk Page if you believe the image should be updated.

The Level Unlocked field is a numerical input that describes what level the Host must be to unlock this room. Locations are level-gated and controlled by the level of the host.

The Connections field is to list the locations connected to this space. Different locations should be separated with <br> so they are listed one location per line, e.g. [[920 Observation]]<br>[[Cryptogram Library]]<br>[[Ingestion]]<br> ...

Introductory Description

A short, concise description with the first mention of the location's name in bold.

'''(Location)''' is a section of [[the Maze]].

Main Article

This is the structure of Maze Location articles. The following lists the specific section heads and their leveling, as well as the type of content that belongs in each section.

Paragraph(s) describing the specific details of the location. This can include (but is not limited to): the physical features of the room, the location of Red Doors or hatches, connections to other adjacent locations, and the number of supply crates or bonus evidence items. Name Fragment locations do not go in this section.

==Notable Finds==
Name Fragments table (see current location pages for examples and syntax), unique symbols or finds, etc.

{{ (LocationName) Gallery }} - This is set up by the Community Admins.

Bullets describing interesting points about the location.

<references />


  • The Location Gallery and their subgalleries are set up by the Community admins.
  • The references section should be included in all articles even if there are no cited sources currently. This section automatically generates a list of referenced works at the location of the <references /> code when sources are cited in the article.

Templates - Bottom of Article

{{MazeLoc Nav}}

This template should appear below the last trivia point with one line breaks of space between.


The following category should be included at the very bottom of every Maze Location article:

[[Category:Maze Locations]]

NOTE: The [[Category:Gallery]] is added automatically to the page through Transclusion with the gallery template. It should not be added manually.

Additional Notes

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