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Disambig.png This article is about layout specifics for the Voices' articles. For basic details on Voice article formatting, see The Blackout Club Wiki:Style Guide/Article Style/The Voices.

Template-info.png Documentation

This article template is specifically for The Voices described in The Blackout Club Wiki.

Templates - Top of Article


The current template atop each Voice page. Voice pages have a unique spoiler template to remind users of the need to reference information added to them. Voice pages are locked to autoconfirmed users are high-traffic pages prone to speculation so the template for this icon also appears.


Fill as many fields as possible. Fields with no known value should be left blank, however, it is also acceptable to have "Unknown".

Voice Infobox:
{{VoiceInfobox|Status= |Image= |Pronouns= |PastNames= |KnownAs= |Followers= |Voice Sample=[[File: ...]]}}

The Status field is to describe the status of the Voice - if they are alive, dead, fragmented, or any other condition.

The Image field is for the Voice's icon.

The Pronouns field is to describe the pronouns the Voice uses to identify themselves, such as "He/Him", "She/Her", "They/Them", and etc.

The PastNames field is to describe names the Voice previously had (e.g. "DANCE-FOR-US" was previously known as "DANCE-FOR-ME").

The KnownAs field is to describe the names other Voices use to describe this particular Voice (e.g. SPEAK-AS-ONE is referred to as "Progenitors" by THE-MEASURE-CUTS).

The Followers field is to describe the in-game followers of the particular Voice. This does not include players, per the Wiki Rules.

The Voice Sample field is for a short audio sample of the Voice so players and wiki visitors can determine which voice is speaking in-game or in dreams. These voice samples should not be modified. Contact MrMusicMan789 in the article's Talk Page with concerns/problems about the voice sample.

Introductory Description

A short, concise description with the first mention of the Voice's name in bold.

'''(VOICE-NAME)''' is one of the [[The Voices|Voices]] in {{TBCgame}}.

Main Article

This is the structure for Voice articles. The following lists the specific section heads and their leveling, as well as the type of content that belongs in each section.

{{Quote| (Sacrifice quote) | (Author of Quote) | (VOICE-NAME)'s Sacrifice Quote}} (VOICE-NAME), also known by their acronym (VOICE-ACRONYM) seem to represent the ideas of (short details on their beliefs). They can be [[Sacrificing|sacrificed]] to and sent prayers if the player has the [[Rituals#Light of Rebellion|Light of Rebellion]].

Paragraph(s) describing the specific details of the Voice. Details beyond superficial qualities should be referenced appropriately to provide evidence of these qualities.

===Before the Game===
Details about the Voice prior to the events of The Blackout Club (game). This information should be referenced appropriately to provide legitimacy of these events.

Details about the Voice during the  events of The Blackout Club (game). This information should be referenced appropriately to provide legitimacy of these events.

== Player Interactions ==
Players' reported experiences with (VOICE-NAME) in missions.
{{See| (VOICE-NAME) /Player Interactions}}

== Dreams ==
(VOICE-NAME) has responded to some players' rituals, heard as dreams when returning to [[the Hideout]] after successfully completing a mission.
{{See|Recalled Dreams/ (VOICE-NAME) }}

Bullets describing interesting points about the Voice.

<references />


  • The references section should be included in all articles even if there are no cited sources currently. This section automatically generates a list of referenced works at the location of the <references /> code when sources are cited in the article.

Templates - Bottom of Article


The VoicesNav template is placed in the references section underneath the <references /> tag with one line break, <br>, separating the reference list from the navigation template.


The following category should be included at the very bottom of every Voice article:

[[Category:The Voices]]

Additional Notes

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