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Audio Licensing

Audio files uploaded to the Wiki of the game should include the appropriate copyright licensing information, set as the option "This is from the game or its official website" when uploading and image to the Wiki. The licensing information should be:

Only audio from the game should be uploaded to the Wiki.

General Guidelines

Audio files added to articles should fit the following guidelines:

  • Audio should be related to the article's topic
    • Audio is rarely needed on most Wiki pages and should be used sparingly.
  • Audio should come from The Blackout Club (game).
  • Audio should not use profanity or vulgarities.

It is strongly advised when wanting to add audio files to consult the Community Admins in the article's Discussion page before adding it to the article. Audio files are rarely used on pages outside of the collection of quotes.

Adding Audio to Articles

See: File Basics

Additional Audio Attributes

There are no additional attributes for audio files.