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The Blackout Club Wiki Style Guide
This article is part of the TBC Wiki Style Guide. Use the Discussion page to discuss this article's content.

Document Licensing

Documents uploaded to the Wiki that contain content from the game should include the appropriate copyright licensing information, set as the option "This is from the game or its official website" when uploading and image to the Wiki. The licensing information should be:

General Guidelines

Documents added to articles should fit the following guidelines:

  • Documents should only be used as references or linked directly in Player Interactions with an appropriate link name.
    • Documents are used as a form of proof or evidence rather than pure content on the Wiki.
  • Documents referenced on the Wiki should be uploaded to the site (e.g. on the Hosts article).
  • Documents must be in PDF format.

Referencing Documents in Articles

See: File Basics
See: References
See: Links

Additional Document Attributes

There are no additional attributes for uploaded documents.