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The Blackout Club Wiki Style Guide
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The Blackout Club Wiki relies on the use of files uploaded to the Wiki to improve the content and user experience of the site. The Wiki currently uses several types of files and this page will detail some of the basics.

Uploading Files

Files are uploaded to the Wiki in three ways:

  1. Through the Upload page present on the sidebar of every Wiki page under the "Tools" section. This option is only possible for Registered users.
  2. In the Source Editor, drag-and-drop files into the box labeled Drop files here.
  3. In the Visual Editor, select Insert, Media, then Upload or search for an image already on the site.


File names should be name in obvious and intuitive ways so they are easy to find when searched. Before uploading the file to the TBC Wiki, you can rename the file to before uploading. Obscurely named files are difficult to locate once uploaded. Files with poor file names may be renamed by the Community Admins so they can be found and used more easily.


File:TBC EarlyAccessTrailer.mp4

Licensing information

When uploading files through the Upload page, users need to specify the licensing information of the image.

For content from the game directly, the licensing information should be This is from the game or its official website. This will produce the following licensing notice under the image:

For files not from the game, see the additional copyright options for the applicable licensing notice needed.

Using Files In Articles

Files can be shared directly in articles (embedded) or linked to the file's internal Wiki page. There are advantages and disadvantages to both options. Typically, most audio files and images are embedded, whereas documents are linked.


When a file should be used directly on a page (for example, an image, audio file, etc.), the following syntax can be used in the Source Editor to ensure the file shows up correctly:

[[File: (filename with extension)]]

There are additional attributes that can be used to format files. See the appropriate file type section in the Style Guide for more information.


Files can be linked to so users are taken to the file's page within the File namespace. The following syntax can be used in the Source Editor to ensure the file shows up correctly. Note the additional colon in front of the word File as this is what differentiates embedding a file versus linking a file:

[[:File: (filename with extension)]]

Linked files act like other links in the wiki and the link text can be changed with the use of a pipe character | ( ⇧ Shift + \ ) following the filename.



The code [[:File:HeWillCatchYou_Male.mp3]] creates the link: File:HeWillCatchYou_Male.mp3

The [[File:HeWillCatchYou_Male.mp3]] creates:


The code [[:File:LowerEastHoadly6.png]] creates the link: File:LowerEastHoadly6.png

The [[File:LowerEastHoadly6.png]] creates:


(resized to fit reasonably in the page)


The code [[:File:NewsFootComp1.mp4]] creates the link: File:NewsFootComp1.mp4

The [[File:NewsFootComp1.mp4]] creates:

(resized to fit reasonably in the page)