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The Blackout Club Wiki Style Guide
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Items should be treated as proper nouns and as such should always be capitalized no matter if at the start or in the middle/end of a sentence. This includes all Field Items, Hero Items, and any other item in the game.

Major and Minor Powers

Individual Major and Minor Powers should be capitalized like proper nouns and be italicized. The category names themselves should remain capitalized, but not italicized.


"The Medic Minor Power gives players an extra Bandage at the start of a mission."
"Players with the Takedown Major Power can quickly subdue Sleepers."

Name Fragments

"Name Fragment" should be capitalized. Given these are technically parts of THEE-I-DARE's name, they collectively form a name.


There is a Name Fragment located in the basement.
THEE-I-DARE's Name Fragments are pieces of his hosts.


The Voices' names should be in all caps. The Voices' acronyms should also be in all caps.


THEE-I-DARE and SPEAK-AS-ONE are two of the Daimons in the game.
TMC is also the acronym for Question LLC's first game.