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The Blackout Club Wiki is an international community. Numeric abbreviations of dates can be problematic and confusing. While most countries abbreviate dates as day/month/year, some Asian countries use year/month/day, and the US uses month/day/year. To avoid problems in understanding, the Wiki utilizes a standard format for dates.


Dates should be written in the following format:

"Month DD, YYYY"


"October 30, 2018"
"July 30, 2019"

Do not use superscripts or suffixes such as "April 23rd" or "4th of May".

If a numeric or terse date is needed (such as in a table), then use the following format:


Always use two digits for both the month and day (ex: 2011-12-10 or 2012-05-04). Besides being the ISO standard, dates in this format will naturally sort properly if the table column is later made sortable.

Wiki Use

Dates typically are not used on a page outside of listing the date in an update article. Instead, it's common to refer to the specific update/hotfix instead. Examples: