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The Blackout Club Wiki Style Guide
This article is part of the TBC Wiki Style Guide. Use the Discussion page to discuss this article's content.

Staying Current

Articles should only contain information that is up to date, i.e., implemented in the latest update of the game. Any information that is outdated should be corrected in the article, and possibly moved to the trivia section if it is a major enough change (e.g. Stun Gun no longer requiring the use of 9V Batteries).

When something changes, note the change in the edit summary. It is not necessary to mention when a particular feature was implemented or removed but it may be a good addition in the trivia. It may also be worth using the article's Discussion Page to discuss important changes before implementing the edit.

Future Content

Content coming in future updates may not be added to an article until it is released in an official update of the game.

Content shown in a Public Test Branch (PTB) of the game is not included until the build is pushed as an official update.

Upon the release of the update, all content that is now outdated must be removed from the page and updated to the latest information per the update (cited wherever possible).