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The Blackout Club Wiki Style Guide
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The Player Interaction namespace was designed so players can share their experiences in The Blackout Club (game) and use these experience to document and record the community's understanding of the events of the game. To ensure some consistency between player interactions, the TBC Wiki suggests all players use the following style:

General Writing

Be descriptive but try to avoid long sentences or paragraphs if not part of the conversation with the character (e.g. describing every step of how you climbed onto the roof of a house). It is best to remain focused on the events of the interaction and not the happenings in the mission unless they are related to the interaction.


Players should use the same names across all interactions and interaction categories. Use the same capitalization and special characters each time. Doing so will lessen the risk that you fracture your interactions across multiple categories of the same variant of a name (e.g. "MrMusicMan789", "Mrmusicman789", and "mr music man 789" are each treated as separate entries by the Wiki).

Summary Points

These points should be kept to one to two sentences. These should be concise and cover the major topics of the interaction so readers and searches for interactions can find the best results for their query and understand the basics of your interaction without reading the full transcript and/or watching the full video.