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Player interaction categories are automatically applied by the Player Interaction form to an interaction to link the experiences for each player in The Blackout Club (game).


Category Use

The category should be applied automatically when creating the interaction and entering the names of the players.

[[Category: (Player Name) Interactions]]

Category Page

The category page is used to list the interactions each player has had in interactions shared on the TBC Wiki.

If the player has a Gamepedia account:

Interactions [[User:(Gamepedia Account Name)|(Player Name)]] has had in {{TBCgame}}.


Interactions (Player Name) has had in {{TBCgame}}.

The category [[Category:Player Interactions]] is not applied to each of these categories. Players are suggested instead to create an account and add their category page to their profile so they can have an easy method of accessing and sharing their collection of interactions.

Link Your Category Page to Your Profile

  1. With your interaction category page created, go to your user page - on the top-right corner of every page, hover over your username and click "My User Page".
  2. On your user page, look for the three blue pencils under your name. Click the bottom pencil labeled "Edit this user's 'about me' section"
  3. Copy and paste the following template into the text area, then replace NAME with your username:

For example:

{{MyInteractions|MrMusicMan789}} produces the link: MrMusicMan789's Interactions in The Blackout Club (game).