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The Blackout Club Wiki Style Guide
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References are an important part of any Wiki as it lends credibility and cites the source of details used on the Wiki.

There are several types of references the Wiki uses: External Websites, Player Interactions, Recalled Dreams, and TBC Wiki Pages.

See: Wikipedia:Help:Referencing for beginners

External Websites

Details on referencing external websites on the Wiki.

See: Template:CiteExternalWeb

Player Interactions

Details on referencing Player Interactions posted on the Wiki.

See: Template:CiteInteraction

Recalled Dreams

Details on referencing Recalled Dreams posted on the Wiki.

See: Template:CiteDream

TBC Discord

Details on referencing messages posted in the TBC Discord.

See: Template:CiteDiscord

TBC Wiki Pages

Details on referencing pages on the Wiki (inter-Wiki).

See: Template:CiteArticle