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References can be made to player interactions to support claims made on pages. These are required on the pages for Voices and when content is pulled from a player's interaction to go on any article. Player Interaction references should not be made to external websites per the Wiki Rules on citing interactions.

When referencing a player interaction, one must provide the player's name, the date of the interaction, and a link to the interaction posted on one of the TBC Wiki Player Interaction pages.

If citing the same interaction multiple times on the page, one must simply copy/paste the entire template {{...}} including the curly braces, and paste it to the location of the next reference point. This template will automatically show one reference entry in the reference list regardless how many times it is copied over.


For more details about the template, see: Template:CiteInteraction.

The following template should be used when referencing a player interaction:

{{CiteInteraction|d= |m= |y= |title= }}


  • d= is the day, e.g. d=9 for the 9th.
  • m= is the month, e.g. m=December
  • y= is the year, e.g. y=2019 for 2019.
  • title= is the title of the interaction that comes after the "Player Interaction:" prefix. For example, if you were to cite Player Interactions: The First UC Interaction, you would use The First UC Interaction as the title value.


The referenced article on THEE-I-DARE's page:

{{CiteInteraction|d=30|m=January|y=2019|title=Speaking With TID About His Family}}

Which appears in-line as:


And appears in the reference section as:

  1. Player Interaction from 30 January 2019. Link to Interaction

Visual Editor

When using the Visual Editor:

  1. Move the cursor to the point where the reference should be inserted.
  2. Click "Insert", select "Template"
  3. Search "CiteInteraction" (not "CiteInteraction/doc") and select it when it appears. Click "Add template"
  4. Enter the first field's name from the template descriptors above (e.g. "y", "m", etc.). Press "Enter", then add the value in the box below. Repeat for all fields.
  5. Once all fields and their values are added on the popup, click the blue "Insert" button. The citation should then appear at the bottom of the page in the references section. If it does not appear correctly, check the field names and values used.