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References can be made to Recalled Dreams to support claims made on pages. These are required on the pages for Voices and when content is pulled from a dream to go on any article. Recalled Dream references should not be made to external websites, but rather the Recalled Dream page for the particular Voice.

When referencing a player interaction, one must provide the player's name, the date of the interaction, and a link to the interaction posted on one of the TBC Wiki Player Interaction article.


The following template should be used when referencing a player interaction:

<ref> (Voice Name)'s Recalled Dream. [[ Recalled Dreams/(Voice Name)#(id) | Link to Dream]] </ref>

Note: If the reference is not taking place on the Voice's main article (e.g. THEE-I-DARE, SPEAK-AS-ONE, etc.) use double brackets, [[ ]] to link to the Voice's main article.

The direct interwiki link id parameter can be acquired by inspecting the code of the specific Recalled Dreams article to obtain the unique id parameter for the dream desired:

  1. Click "Edit Source" on the Voice's Recalled Dream article
  2. Locate the Dream desired
  3. In the first line of the dream that starts with |-style ..., locate the text saying id="..."
  4. Copy the text between the quotation marks of the ID parameter (not including the quotation marks)
  5. In the article needing the reference, paste the id parameter in place of (id) and enter the Voice's full name in place of (Voice Name)


To quote the second dream from SAO mentioned above, the reference would be created with the template to look like:

[[SPEAK-AS-ONE]]'s Recalled Dream. [[Recalled Dreams/SPEAK-AS-ONE#SAO_FinallyManagedToRecover|Link to Dream]]

Which appears in the reference section as:

SPEAK-AS-ONE's Recalled Dream. Link to Dream