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References can be made to comments in the TBC Discord to confirm or support claims made on pages. Discord references should not be used for player interactions per the Wiki Rules on citing interactions. (See also: Referencing Player Interactions)

When referencing a Discord message, one must provide sufficient information to enable readers to find your source, such as the user sending the message, the date of the message, and a direct link to the comment.

To obtain the direct URL of a Discord message, users will need to enable Developer Mode in Discord. After enabling, users can then copy the link to an individual message.


For more details about the template, see: Template:CiteDiscord.

The following template should be used:

{{CiteDiscord|user= |d= |m= |y= |url= }}


  • user: the name of the Question LLC developer who made the comment
  • d: the day the comment was made written as 1 or 2 numeric characters (e.g. "4", or "27")
  • m: the month the comment was made, typed out in full (e.g. "April")
  • y: the year the comment was made, written as 4 numeric characters (e.g. "2019")
  • url: the direct Discord URL to the developer's comment. To learn how to access the URL, see Discord'd support page.


The referenced article on the God Rock page:


Which appears in-line as:


And appears in the reference section as:

  1. Nullspeak, 2 June 2019 in the TBC Discord

Visual Editor

When using the Visual Editor:

  1. Move the cursor to the point where the reference should be inserted.
  2. Click "Insert", select "Template"
  3. Search "CiteDiscord" (not "CiteDiscord/doc") and select it when it appears. Click "Add template"
  4. Enter the first field's name from the template descriptors above (e.g. "y", "m", etc.). Press "Enter", then add the value in the box below. Repeat for all fields.
  5. Once all fields and their values are added on the popup, click the blue "Insert" button. The citation should then appear at the bottom of the page in the references section. If it does not appear correctly, check the field names and values used.