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Welcome to the Wiki Rules page! Please take care and read the Wiki Rules before getting started on the Wiki! If you have any questions or suggestions, please let the Wiki Staff (Community Admins) know by posting in the Rules' Discussion Page. The Wiki Rules are listed in alphabetical order.

Last modified: 30 Mar 2020

Article Creation

It is the preferred, standard practice for the Community Admins to create new articles as to avoid empty/useless/redundant articles floating around the site and to avoid biased or misleading information being used to create new articles. If there is an article you would like to see created, please let a community admin know in the Community Portal discussion page. This ensures page creation is kept efficient and pages are set up in accordance to structure and categorization of the TBC Wiki Style Guide.

Article Guidelines

See: The Blackout Club Wiki:Style Guide

These rules are meant to outline the basics of what should and should not be on an article on this Wiki. For specific cases and more details on the types of article structures, please visit the Style Guide.

  • Articles must pertain directly to content from The Blackout Club (game) in some way. Articles may not exist about real life people (players or developers), though players can be mentioned in Player Interactions. Only in extremely rare cases will the Wiki Admins allow the use of name(s) in main articles (e.g. in The Shape's article to aid in understanding the Suppressed view).
  • Writing should be in US English to keep the same language, style, and spelling as The Blackout Club (game). Colloquialisms and contracted forms shouldn't should not be used. Use an “Encyclopedic” style of writing. Do not use first or second person perspectives. Opinions, subjections, or personal bias should not be used.
  • No profane, sexually explicit, or inappropriate language allowed. This rule does not apply in rare, documented cases when this kind of language is used in-game.
  • New information about The Blackout Club (game) must be sourced by an posted on the Wiki, otherwise it must be referenced appropriately.
  • No articles or information on performing or using exploits.

Article Lock Icons

Readers may notice from time to time some articles are locked from editing. When an article is locked, look to the top-right corner for a lock icon that will assist editors in understanding when and why an article cannot be edited. Hover over the lock icon to see an explanation of why the article is protected an who can edit it. The TBC Wiki utilizes the following 3 icons:

This page has been locked from editing. Autoconfirmed users with an account can edit this page. This page has been archived and can no longer be edited.
Fully-Locked pages. Only Admins can edit the article. Users with an autoconfirmed account can edit. Archived articles. The article is cannot be edited.

In most cases if there does not exist an icon on a page, anyone may edit it. Most templates and high-traffic pages will be under Full Lock and will not display the lock icons. If you have questions about the restrictions on editing or the locking of pages, please contact one of the Community Admins.

Article Structure

See: The Blackout Club Wiki:Style Guide/Article Style

For consistency across the Wiki, the following items' syntax and structures should not be modified or removed without first consulting a Community Admin:

  • Section headings
  • Sub-headings
  • Infoboxes
    • Editors may contribute information to infoboxes, but unknown values should be kept blank. Post in the Discussion page for the particular article if you need assistance editing an infobox.
  • Galleries
  • Templates ({{...}})

Assume Good Faith

Edits to a page can be made for a variety of reasons. Human error, a new editor to the community, game content has changed, or another honest reason. When an edit occurs, Wiki community members must assume good faith. Rather than insulting, berating, or lashing out at an editor, community members should approach these situations with a helpful and understanding attitude. Reach out to the editor on their talk page to discuss the edit. The edit should only be reverted if absolutely necessary.

"Common Knowledge" & "Spoilers"

The Blackout Club Wiki has standards for what it considers to be "Common Knowledge" and "Spoilers" so players may uncover elements of the game at their own pace.

Common Knowledge

Common Knowledge is considered the basic set of information about the game. It is better to assume something is not common knowledge than assume it is. Common knowledge on the Wiki includes:

  • The existence and basic concepts surrounding Sleepers, Lucids, the Shape, and the Voices.
  • The existence of the Maze and general/observable facts.
  • By default, consider "Common Knowledge" to be the collection of information a new player may have about the game.


Spoilers is considered to be information that is not common knowledge. These are articles that can contains crucial details, events, and information that may affect the player's understanding and perception of the events in The Blackout Club (game). These articles will include a template at the top of the page to indicate it contains spoiler information. The Wiki considers the following topics to be "Spoilers" and requires a spoiler template in each article:

Edit Summary

When you edit a page, the Wiki will ask you to leave a summary of your edit so other editors and the Wiki admins can understand the changes made to the article. Please provide a short, descriptive summary of your edit so anyone can understand the changes you made to a page from your description; readers should not have to visit the diff to understand the changes you made.


Good summary: "Fixed grammar errors, spelling of "Isabella" to "Isabela", added a sentence about parents"
This is a good edit summary, as it is clear what the user changed from reading the description.
Bad summary: "Fixed description"
This is a poor summary and leaves many questions unanswered: What description was changed? How was the description changed?


The TBC Wiki supports the use of images, videos, and audio files in the Wiki to enhance the information of an article. Multimedia must abide by these basic rules. The Wiki Admins reserve the right to remove multimedia from the site for violating the following:

  • Screenshots are preferred to use the HUD-less mode. Player names should be digitally removed or censored.
  • Multimedia must pertain directly to The Blackout Club (game) in some way.
  • No profane, sexually explicit, or any inappropriate material.
    • Some player interaction videos may include strong language. This is acceptable and may still be shared.
  • Multimedia may not show the use of exploits or cheats.

Personal Attacks

Users should never personally attack other members of the Wiki community on any part of this site. Comments should focus on the content, not the person. Edit wars are to be avoided. If you feel an edit or comment was made as an attack, reach out to a Community Admin. Users who attack other editors may face temporary or permanent bans from editing or visiting the Wiki.

Player Interactions

The TBC Wiki uses Player Interactions to share the experiences players have with characters of The Blackout Club (game) and source content used on articles. The collection of Player Interactions provide a greater understanding of lore and game details and an archive of interactions stretching back to the Closed Beta. The Wiki uses interactions to help source information for articles as interactions make up approximately 80% of the story. These interactions utilize the Player Interactions submission form housed on the Player Interactions namespace. There are specific rules that apply to interactions:

See: Template:CiteInteraction
See: The Blackout Club Wiki:Wiki Rules#Citing Interactions

General Rules

  1. Interactions shared on the Wiki are considered common knowledge by the community. If you wish to keep aspects of your interaction private, it is not recommended to share your interaction on the Wiki at this time.
  2. Interactions may only exist within the Player Interactions namespace and pertain to a single interaction. Interactions that exist in any other namespace will be deleted.
  3. Interactions should contain a transcript and/or video of the experience (both if possible). If neither a transcript or video is provided, a notice will be placed atop an interaction. The interaction may be deleted if a transcript or video is not provided after some time.
  4. Interactions should only be shared on the TBC Wiki with the permission of the player(s) involved. If a player does not consent to their portion of an interaction being shared, the player's quotes will be removed and replaced with a general notice that a specific player spoke with the Voice/Character.
  5. Editors should not modify interactions after they are submitted. This includes not modifying contents of an interaction, editing the template data, or changing the order of the templates used to generate the interaction.

Modified/Falsified Interactions

The Blackout Club Wiki recognizes that some interactions can been modified or edited before being shared. It is in the Wiki's best interest to possess interactions in their true form, but it is understood this is not always possible for varying reasons. If you believe an interaction on the Wiki has been modified/faked and can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, please contact a Community Admin. The TBC Wiki reserves the right to delete interactions that have been faked or their content heavily modified if there is documented evidence of such changes. Users who post modified interactions or continue to repost deleted interactions may face additional warnings or temporary bans from submitting interactions and access to the Wiki itself.

Removing an Interaction

If an interactions exists on the Wiki and you would like it removed, please contact a Community Admin and they will work with you to remove the interaction. Please include the reason why the interaction should be removed as well as the title or URL to the interaction.


See: The Blackout Club Wiki:Style Guide/References

References are used to cite information to provide credibility of events and details from the game. References should be made to inter-Wiki articles, Player Interactions, Recalled Dreams, and external sources where possible.

Citing Interactions

See: Template:CiteInteraction

Player Interactions shared on the Wiki can be used to cite information in articles following the Style Guide to give credit to the original source and lend credibility to the information shared. Interactions that are referenced on the Wiki must be shared on the site in the Player Interaction namespace. References to player interactions outside the Wiki are not allowed as references should point to a Wiki entry not an external website. If linking to an interaction outside the Wiki, the content cited and the reference will be removed.

This policy ensures the Wiki has acquired the consent of player(s) to share their interactions publicly and allows the Wiki the ability to properly cite information from the interaction. This also assures readers that if the referenced transcript or video is deleted, removed from a hosting site, or the link becomes invalid, the information from the interaction is not lost. This provides a reliable location for player interactions that the Wiki may reference without the worry that information will disappear over time.

Speculation in Articles

The Wiki is meant for strictly factual information acknowledged by the game, thus, speculative information should not be added to main articles. The Voice Interaction pages are exceptions to this rule since they allow personal experiences with the Voices to be added. All pages that allow for this style of information will be indicated with a template atop the page. For pages that allow speculation, a Gamepedia account is required to edit.

Talk Pages

  • When making comments or asking questions on a talk page, be sure to sign the end with four tildes (~~~~)
  • Always remain civil during discussions.
  • An article's talk page is intended for discussion or questions regarding the article's content. It is not a forum for casual discussion. Game suggestions, personal stories, shout-outs, etc. will be removed.
  • Other user's contributions should not be edited, except for maintenance tasks like fixing links or templates.


Many pages include a trivia section. "Trivia" is a broad term that often invites possible references to other media. Trivia items should only be added if they conform to the following:

  • The trivia item must be "undeniable". Most players are likely to agree it is obvious. When there could be multiple valid theories that are each as likely, do not post any.
  • Trivia sections should not include personal theories (see the Wiki's Rule on Speculation and Theories).
E.g. If a game item merely looks like something you saw somewhere else, it usually doesn't merit mention (starting a trivia item with "might be a reference" or "looks like" is often a sign that the trivia is not worth mentioning).
  • Trivia should not describe a game element, mechanic function, or tips on an item's use - these points are best for the Description section.
  • Trivia mentioning former features that were present in The Blackout Club (game)'s Closed Beta or Early Access are acceptable. These give further insight into the development and evolution of the game. Referencing screenshots, images, or articles is strongly encouraged to further validate claims.