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This page has the list of all posters and found in the Hideout.

The posters in the Hideout

Posters[edit | edit source]

Club Rules[edit | edit source]

  1. STICK TOGETHER - It's dangerous out there!
  3. SERIOUSLY #2 - It could be your Mom! Or worse, mine!
  4. GET EVIDENCE - It's our best shot at finding Bells
  5. CLOSE YOUR EYES - Only way to see THE SHAPE (and other things).

Getting Grabbed[edit | edit source]

If you are grabbed by an enemy, try not to panic! It takes a little time for them to push you to the ground. Pressing MouseRightClick icon.png will automatically use an escape item if you have one (Flash Bang, Tranquilizer, or Stun gun). If not, it will push the enemy away, but that will hurt you!

Unarmed Attack[edit | edit source]

Even without an item, we can still fight back! Approach an enemy from behind and when you see the "Grab" prompt hold MouseLeftClick icon.png to leap onto thier back. By holding down MouseLeftClick icon.png you will eventually bring the enemy to their knees where you can pin them! To pin an enemy, hold MouseLeftClick icon.png or approach a downed enemy and hold MouseLeftClick icon.png. When you let go, they will eventually get back up so watch out!

Getting Dragged[edit | edit source]

Uh oh! You are being dragged because you had no escape item or were to injured to push the enemy away. You can still escape! Watch for passing trash bags or pile. They will glow orange. You can look around and move a bit when you are dragged. Search them wen you see the prompt and you might find an escape item! When you find one, use it with MouseRightClick icon.png.

Notes[edit | edit source]

General Notes[edit | edit source]

Acoustic Mines[edit | edit source]

Looks like we got their attention! Those veils sleepers have started putting these loud-ass things all over. Get close and it starts to holler, so watch your step! (and no, Dax, we're still not calling them "squeakers").

Good news is, we've been experimenting on a few we managed to snag.

FOAM - Totally gums it up, all night, you can just walk right past it at that point.

FLASHBANG - Overloads the circuits for a short time, but it eventually...reboots? Be fast.

Crossbow - Firing a dart at it seems to cause a nasty failure, then it pops! Takes it out, but makes a lot of noise.

Speed Traps[edit | edit source]

Sup, Speed freaks! (Chill, DAX, Redacre is so sober it's scary. If you're like me, sometimes you just wake up in a dead sprint, no idea why. Time to watch your step, starting now. This little thing put about a jillion volts into my ass - if there had been any of those creeps nearby, well, you wouldn't be reading this.

If you're moving fast enough, this 'speed trap' pthrwos some kind of charge in every direction. Good news is, they are pretty easy to take apart, just get close (slowly!) and disarm it.

Similar guts to an acoustic mine, we figure - foam, flash bang, darts all work on them. So if you're sticking with fast & loud, I hope you can shoot from the hip!

~ Dax's Note on Speed Traps

Mission Notes[edit | edit source]

Found at various times throughout Category:Early Access Updates at the table across from the The Whisper Twins

An Experiment[edit | edit source]

A note that was added along Early Access Update #6, explaining the context of the Find the Chorus Binder objective. It was later replaced by A Fine Mess in the next update.

First up, they're watching us. Our families, I mean. We knew that, but now we know, these observation reports prove it. They stash them in weird places, too, some are way out of our reach.

Which brings me to my next concern. Dax says he has a plan for that. What I say is: UH-OH.

I said it once before, when he used his frigging DRONE to bring me a cup of bad cocoa that I did not ask for. I swear I can still smell it on my hair. Now Dax thinks he can get his dumb drone to steal these reports for us. UH OH.

I am honestly worried about him. I know Dax and Bells bonded over that stupid robot arm, and YES, I get that we all grieve in different ways. But Dax, if you read this: all I'm saying is...there are things machines weren't meant to "handle".

A Fine Mess[edit | edit source]

A note that was added along with Early Access Update #7, explaining the context of the Hide the Evidence objective. It was later replaced by PJ Party in the December 2019 Update.

Hey, y'all. Going to keep this one short. For some of us, the blackouts are getting worse. You need to find a buddy to watch you when you sleep. Tell them what to do if you...'go under'. The rules are different with every Voice.

One of us, not going to shame them - is hosting a voice that definitely, super duper doesn't care if any of us live, or even if we can beat CHORUS or whatever's behind them. I just wants revenge we think. It...this, person, has woken up with bloody feathers in their mouth. They think they might have hurt a white bird, or more than one, like a symbol of war that only makes sense to the voices.

It is SAVAGE. You may trip over the mess it left. If you can, please, please, please clean it up...this member thinks that CHORUS already has suspicions. And if they ID this kid, they won't just put her back to sleep. She thinks they'll kill her.

PJ Party[edit | edit source]

PJParty Hideout.png

New equipment was placed on the table in the December Update explaining the context of the cancelers and their objectives.

Honestly, y'all... for some reason, not sure why, some of us in this freezing boxcar are a bit depressed! Even in the day, our parents... uh. The ones who are Sleepers at night, try to talk to them about something real and they just smile and free like one of those cardboard standees at the rental place. We're sick of it. We want our parents back. At least for one good hour to mutually annoy each other without that evil lullaby in their brains.

T-M-C says he can help. When he's not shouting at me to QUESTION ALL ANSWERS. Or... did I dream that? Point is, I wired these headphones up with the noise pattern he taught me. I don't know how long it'll last, but he says we trigger it, it'll KO our parents. Then we move to a safe spot and... god, tell them they're grounded? If we had even one adult working for us, on the inside...

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is presumed either Gwen or Dax has written and created the posters and notes found in the Hideout, judging by the tone and reference to one another in notes.