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The Moon
The Moon
Unknown, during a Blackout[1]

The Moon is a special location in The Blackout Club (game).

Description[edit | edit source]

Players are sometimes brought to the Moon to speak with the Voices in a more private setting. Moon trips began during the Closed Beta in October 2018. According to IN-HER-TEETH, the moon is "A BLACKOUT. A SAFE PLACE."[1]

THEE-I-DARE says the moon may be an illusion created for us while the Voices puppeteer out bodies[2]. According to SPEAK-AS-ONE, the moon is a delusion, and says some die if they are taken there, as not all bodies can "withstand a coma".[3] SPEAK-AS-ONE also claims the Moon is "OF THE ENEMY".[4]

Pillars[edit | edit source]

The pillars on the moon were not always present. In trips to the moon during the Closed Beta, the moon was a barren landscape devoid of pillars.[5] Five pillars were added in the beginning of Early Access that each showed a blue, glowing icon. A few weeks after the game's launch, a sixth pillar appeared on the moon (left-most pillar). This sixth pillar was unique in that it was colored red and was of an icon not yet seen before; it turned out to be the icon of CHASE-THE-SUN. After the death of DANCE-FOR-US, all pillars on the moon were replaced by a single pillar showing her icon.[6]

SPEAK-AS-ONE has described the pillars on the moon as referring to "LOST ONES" (Voices) who can no longer be found in Redacre.[4]

Notable Finds[edit | edit source]


Gallery[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Even though the moon in the sky was hidden through Closed Beta to after 1.0 launch, players could still be taken to The Moon by a Voice.

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