The Stalker Van

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The Stalker seen outside their van. The image posted inside the Hideout

The Van is the Stalker's main base of operations.


The van is the Stalker's hideout and exists as the hub counterpart to The Blackout Club's Hideout.

The base consists of an old abandoned white van located somewhere in the woods. Compared to the Hideout, the van is small in comparison, but big enough to house the Stalker. There is a computer in the van that allows the player to access the Stalker Leaderboards or to start an invasion. There is also a small clothing rack which allows the Stalker to change their look. The player has access to the same customizations. A handwritten note on the desk in the van reminds players their goal: record The Blackout Club members, report the club's activities, and stop them.

SPEAK-AS-ONE won't let me sleep. I hear the music and I am here. It says I have to RECORD (mouse icon left) them, the other kids. It says they (it? me? THEY!) will hurt my family, but if I record them it will stop them for me.
SPEAK-AS-ONE promises not to hurt them, I am helping my family. I am. We are.
~ Computer in Stalker in the van.



  • According to Gwen's message, there are multiple vans scattered throughout the woods and the Stalkers seem to hang around them
  • Approaching the front of the Van where the player can return to the Hideout, the song Automobillz by Southern Horse Brutality can be heard. [1]. One of the developers of The Blackout Club was the bass player for the band.