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This page lists all quotes said by the Whisper Twins.



Twin A: Do y'all think it's the apocalypse? Is that why they built all this?
Twin B: Then what's the big-ass music box for? The 4 horsemen's theme song?


Twin A: So are we like... avatars or something? I mean magical, or... are we all just the same flavor of nuts?
Twin B: Either way, we're losing. So... pick whichever lets ya sleep at night

Big Bad

Twin A: So the Big Bad, this "Speak As One" am I saying that right? Is it really like... a god?
Twin B: I dunno, maybe if the same voice were in everyone's head... can a god just be made of people?


Twin A: So...I've been on field trips to other towns, and compared to them, Redacre's pretty... Diverse!
Twin B: Yeah, Chorus gave out co-housing spots to families from all over. We dunno why.


Twin A: I get how this video stuff might expose the bad guys, but how's it gonna help us find Bells?
Twin B: I... think it's like hostages. If she's alive, we need to scare the bad guys, AND bring somethin' to trade.

Humane Capture

Twin A: Why are we out here with this human capture shit, we should bring some knives at least? My uncle has a gun.
Twin B: The bad guys are sleepwalkn'. Could be your grandma in a mask. You want blood, find some other edgelords and start your own club.

Pick One

Twin A: So you hear the voice, too, right. Does it ever tell you to, uhm... Hurt anything?
Twin B: Voices, plural. Some do? Eventually I think we hafta pick one... Or it picks us...

Professor Fear

Twin A: So how far outta town before you get cell signal and upload this stuff? And can you even drive?
Twin B: I can learn. I got a great teacher. I call him: "Professor Fear."

Junior Prom

Twin A: Uh... do you guys think we'll ever like, WIN win? "behold my true form, oh drat, I'm dead."
Twin B: You're killing me with this. I'm just tryin' to survive til Junior Prom.


Twin A: Do you think we got enough video to make anyone believe us?
Twin B: Just us? No. But a supercut from the whole club could wake up every kid in town. And then... Who knows?