How To Play: Engaging With Enemies

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Enemies will try to catch you if they see or hear you snooping around. If they grab you, try to escape using an item or ability. Your powers and items available when grabbed will appear in the HUD.

Being Dragged

Players can get in grapples with enemies that will last for a few seconds. When players lose grapples due to a lack of Escape Items or from low health, enemies will subdue the player and drag them to the nearest Red Door. When dragged, the player's view turns black and white and the enemy picks up the player by the ankles. The player's hands are free and they can move their bodies around slightly which provides the opportunity for an escape. Players being dragged can search passing trash piles or bags for an escape item. Other teammates in the mission can use their own Field Items to save the teammate from the enemy as well.

If an enemy successfully a player to a Red Door, the Shape will appear and suppress the player. Sometimes, the Shape may be in proximity of the player being dragged and will suppress them before the player is brought to the Red Door. Players who are dragged and get free often become the Shape's target if they are not already.


Trash piles in the Maze and trash bags on the surface of Redacre can be used to escape being dragged. Trash Bags on the surface consist of blue bags typically by the street curbs and in the backyards. In the Maze, the trash piles consist of small items like some rope, manila folders, wet/dry vacuum filter, a paintbrush, a small box, and other rubbish underneath. These piles are scattered around in the maze, sitting on small mats with the words "CLEANS PURGE ABSOLVE DISPOSE" around the perimeter (the same text found on the Contraband Lockers) with four small eyes (like the one used in the HUD) in each corner.

This trash cannot be interacted with normally in the mission, but it plays a special role if a player is being dragged by a Sleeper or Lucid to a Red Door. If a player has no usable Escape Items and is too wounded to escape a Sleeper or Lucid's grasp, they'll end up being dragged by the enemy. There is still a chance to escape! Players will be dragged by trash piles or trash bags. A prompt will appear when in reach that allows the player to grab a Flash Bang and escape from the drag.

Although Trash Piles and Trash Bags cannot be interacted with while the player is not being dragged, players can tag them. Characters have specialized quotes for tagging trash piles.