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A Trash Pile in the Maze

Trash Piles are special items found in Missions.

Description[edit | edit source]

Trash Piles in the Maze and Trash Bags on the surface of Redacre, are special items found during missions. Trash Bags on the surface consist of blue bags typically by the street curbs and in the backyards. In the Maze, the trash piles consist of small items like some rope, manila folders, wet/dry vacuum filter, a paintbrush, a small box, and other rubbish underneath. These piles are scattered around in the maze, sitting on small mats with the words "CLEANS PURGE ABSOLVE DISPOSE" around the perimeter (the same text found on the Contraband Lockers) with four small eyes (like the one used in the HUD) in each corner.

Normally, this trash cannot be interacted, but it plays a special role if a player is being dragged by a Sleeper or Lucid. If a player has no usable Escape Items and is too wounded to escape a Sleeper or Lucid's grasp, they'll end up being dragged by the enemy, but there is still a chance to escape. Players dragged by Sleepers or Lucids will be dragged by Trash Piles or bags. By clicking right-click when close enough from a trash pile will allow the player to grab a random one-use Escape Item and escape from being dragged.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Although Trash Piles and Trash Bags cannot be interacted with while the player is not being dragged, players can tag them and their character even has specialized quotes for tagging trash piles.