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Unknown Caller
Unknown Caller
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The Unknown Caller is a character in The Blackout Club (game).


The Unknown Caller is a character contacting members of The Blackout Club during mission through text messages. Their identity is not known, but it believed this Unknown Caller could be the witness to the destruction of the symbol in the bedroom of #922 Hoadly Ave. The Unknown Caller began messaging players on September 1st. They have messaged solo players and those in a group.

In The Blackout Club (game), text messages from the Club are only received when an objective is completed (e.g. when you finish recording all of the evidence) to inform members of their next objective. The Unknown Caller can message players at any time during the mission. This was how the first player recognized the irregularity of receiving a message mid-objective. The first reported experience with the Unknown Caller was on September 1st, 2019 and it did not appear possible to communicate with the Unknown Caller. Later experiences with different players found that the Unknown Caller can respond directly to text chat messages sent by players.

Beginning on October 19, 2019, the Unknown Caller began sending audio clips of a recording they obtained to players they trust. The Unknown Caller is asking players to let them know what they hear in the clips. Players are able to hear different parts of the audio and are working on piecing together the message.

In early November 2019, Unknown Caller began sending out "deadman switch" messages to players. After reaching the #922 Hoadly Ave bedroom, the players would be given a recording of Colm Ryan.

Unknown Caller Interactions

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  • While UC was sending their "deadman switch" messages, some players began receiving text messages from The Blackout Club (HQ), the same style in which the Unknown Caller contacted them.