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This page describes common, useful terms found in The Blackout Club (game).

Acoustic Mines

Ground-based devices that emit loud noise to alert enemies if stood in their range too long. Players can permanently disable them with Foam Grenades and the Hacker Major Power.

Audio Bugs

A listening device disguised as an electrical power outlet. Install these at marked locations inside homes, but be careful - they're noisy to set up.


A Field Item that restores some health.


Nickname for the missing club member Isabela Madi-Shaw


A period of lost consciousness of the night or days before. Club members often wake covered in mud or scratches with no memory of the night before.

Bonus Evidence

Pieces of extra evidence scattered throughout the mission. Collecting more Bonus Evidence helps players earn more Snacks, Ritual Items, and Journals.


One of the Hero Items used to shoot Tranquilizer Darts at Sleepers, Lucids, and the the Shape.


(acronym: DFU)

One of the Voices who enjoys music and dancing.


Also known as "Voices".


Commonly known as "Dax", one of the club members seen in the Prologue. Responsible for the drone recovered in one mission objective as well as other technology.


(acronym: DFY)

One of the Voices who enjoys learning about TBC members' passions.

Drone (Major Power)

One of the four Major Powers TBC members can equip. Provides a drone that can be used for reconnaissance, and with upgrades can be used to take down Sleepers, Lucids, and the Shape.

Energy Bar

A Field Item that restores stamina and provides a short period of infinite stamina after consumption.

Field Items

Items found in supply crates while on missions - Bandage, Energy Bar, Flash Bang, Foam Grenade, Lockpick, Noisemaker, Sleep Tripwire, Supply Crate, Tranquilizer Dart


A Field Item that temporarily blinds and stuns enemies.

Foam Grenade

A Field Item that can be used to make soft landings (with no fall damage), destroy Speed Traps and Acoustic Mines, and when applied to doors, can be used to silence kicking in the door.


Another name for the Voices.

Grappling Hook

One of the Hero Items, it clings to walls and ceilings to allow faster/easier access to higher elevations.


One of the club members seen in the Prologue.

Hacker (Major Power)

One of the four Major Powers TBC members can equip. Allows your smartphone to make prank calls, and with upgrades can be used to disable enemy devices.

Hero Items

A category of three items players equip to take on missions - Crossbow, G|Grappling Hook, and Stun Gun.

The Hideout

Two boxcars in the Redacre woods where the club meets. Serves as the "lobby" of the game.

Hoadly's Leap

A precipice in Lower East Hoadly. It is rumored the leap was named after a local pastor who committed suicide before the events of the game.

Humble Rock

Awarded in place of receiving a duplicate Light of Rebellion. It can be thrown at enemies to stun them.


(acronym: IHT)

One of the Voices.

Isabela Madi-Shaw

Also known as "Bells", she is a missing club member and the protagonist in the Prologue. She never returned to the Hideout and is presumed missing by The Blackout Club. Club members go on missions to figure out what has happened to Bells.


Notes and transcripts found on the laptop in the Hideout. Journals describe the events happening in Redacre and characters in the game.

Kicking In

The player's character uses their foot to break open locked doors. This action is sinful if discovered. The sound will alert nearby enemies.


(acronym: LL)

One of the Voices who is humorous but unflattering.

Light of Rebellion

A ritual item used to send a prayer/request/comment to one of the Voices. The more bonus evidence collected in a mission, the better chances of earning a Light of Rebellion.


An adult enemy with a distorted face and distinct clothing. Lucids have sight (unlike Sleepers) and can see players and hear them. They also have a smartphone with a flashlight and use it to search for club members.

Major Powers

Four special abilities TBC members can equip. Only one can be used at a time - Drone, Hacker, Takedown, and Unstoppable.

The Maze

A series of tunnels and rooms underneath the surface of Redacre that contains strings and other weird devices used to make music.

Minor Powers

Six special abilities TBC members can equip - Atlas, Improved Stamina, Locksmith, Lucky Loot, Medic, and Nutritionist. Up to 4 Minor Powers can be equipped along with one Major Power.


One night in the game where club members complete a set of objectives. There are currently four types of missions - Disrupt, Night One, Search, and Steal.

National Radio Quiet Zone

A large area of land in the United States in which radio transmissions are heavily restricted by law to facilitate scientific research and the gathering of military intelligence. Roughly half of the zone is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of west-central Virginia. In the NRQZ, residents have no internet and no cell service with the exception of a crude and outdated cell network. See: National Radio Quiet Zone


A task completed on a mission. A mission is comprised of several objectives. Example objectives include: "Pick Up Audio Bugs", "Exit Map", "Stealing Fire", "Install Dampers", etc.

Power Deck

A table in the Hideout where TBC members can equip Major and Minor Powers.


The introduction to the game's premise that functions as a tutorial where players control Isabela Madi-Shaw in events leading up to the start of the game. The events in the Prologue serves as the Club's rationale for going on Missions.


A town located in the National Radio Quiet Zone (NRQZ) in Virginia. A section of Redacre known as Hoadly's Leap is the location of the game.


An offering to one of the Voices by a club member using a Light of Rebellion. Players can speak a prayer/request/comment to one of the Voices and may later get a response.

Ritual Item

An item used in the Hideout by TBC members to speak to the Voices. The Light of Rebellion is the only ritual item currently.

Ritual Space

A separate boxcar in the Hideout that contains the sleeping bags and mirror where TBC members complete rituals.


To give yourself to a Voice of your choosing. Posts collected XP to the Leaderboard. Resets your character (keeping your wardrobe items) and Power Deck.

The Shape

An invisible being. When TBC members make too much of a disturbance, the Shape is called out to put The Blackout Club Members to sleep.


Actions committed by TBC members reported by Sleepers and Lucids. When a threshold of sins has been committed, the Shape is called out to suppress players one by one based on who is the most-sinful.


Also known as "Sleepwalkers", these are adults of Redacre who wander the surface and the Maze at night. Sleepers are blind but can hear very well. Sleepers on the surface wear pajamas. Sleepers in the Maze wear a specific outfit comprised of red gloves, overalls, and monitors on their chest and arms.


(acronym: SAO)

One of the Voices thought responsible for the events in Redacre. Sleepers and Lucids will refer to SPEAK-AS-ONE in idle chatter.

Speed Trap

A ground-based device that zaps players who walk or run in its range. Crouch-walking is the only method of traversing past them. Players can permanently deactivate speed traps manually or with Foam Grenades.

Supply Crate

A chest found in missions that contain one or two random field items.

Stun Gun

One of the Hero Items used to zap Sleepers and Lucids.

Takedown (Major Power)

One of the four Major Powers TBC members can equip. Allows players the ability to tackle and subdue Sleepers and Lucids, and with additional upgrades can allow for easier takedowns with longer durations.


(acronym: TID)

One of the Voices who has been split into many fragments.


(acronym: TMC)

One of the Voices who is precise and knowledgeable.

Unstoppable (Major Power)

One of the four Major Powers TBC members can equip. Allows players to become temporarily immune to wounds, and with additional upgrades can extend this power to teammates.


Also known by the community as "Gods" or "Daimons", the Voices are entities that communicate with TBC members. There are many known Voices in the game, each with their own personalities, mannerisms, and behaviors. They will contact players during a blackout by speaking with them directly or through messages seen only when closing your in-game eyes.

"The Voice"

The term used by the Dispatcher and Lucids to describe SPEAK-AS-ONE.


Dead hosts of SPEAK-AS-ONE who can communicate with players in missions on behalf of SAO.