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The Voices' Symbols as seen when Sacrificing or sending a ritual.

The Voices (commonly referred to as "Gods", sometimes "Daimons") are mysterious figures in The Blackout Club (game). Some speak to The Blackout Club members when they close their eyes (mini "blackouts"), in dreams, and some interact with players during missions.


The Voices are strange, higher entities that seem directly tied to the events happening in Redacre. Little about them is known except that they need rituals and are hundreds, if not thousands of years old. Some members of The Blackout Club have started making sacrifices and performing rituals to the Voices.

Some of the kids said the voices in their heads could be gods.
~ Isabela Madi-Shaw on the TBC Early Access Trailer

According to one of the developers, people can pray to a voice prior to actually hosting it. "During that phase," the developer explains, "the voice cannot see or feel the body in question, or see through its eyes. Once it has been called, a process begins that puts the voice in competition with others, and eventually lets them steal glimpses, active control for a period, etc." However, it was also confirmed that the person/would-be-host is not the only one who can initiate this, as the individual Voice/Daimon could as well.[1]

The Voices claim responsibility for much of what has happened throughout human history and many figures who appear in legends around the world. They grew up with humanity. As humans became sentient, the Voices became aware of themselves. However, THEE-I-DARE is careful to say of the Voices that "we never existed without bodies."[2]

For more information on how players can interact with the Voices of The Blackout Club (game), see: The Voices/Interacting With The Voices.

The Voices

Of the 11 known Voices, most have revealed their names. When a Voice appears on the Sacrifice list with a quote, the Community Admins will create their article.


I guess it wants thrills... woke up still buzzed or... eyes like black holes. Bite marks all over me. But yo, I had like two grand in my gym shorts?
~ S.C. Ryder on Sacrifice Quote

DANCE-FOR-US, also known by their acronym DFU, is one of the Voices. She seems to represent the idea of dancing and music. During the game's beta testing period (August-October 2018), DFU asked club members in dreams to pray to her and say her name three times. Enough players fulfilled her request, and DANCE-FOR-US bestowed the "Gift Of Dance" gesture (a twirl) to all players.


I got shot trying to stop poachers. Almost died in the ambulance, I guess? Blood in my mouth, delirious, trying to say 'no one cares'. The EMT gave me this weird, sweet, smile and said 'They will now'.
~ T. Nguyen on Sacrifice Quote

DIE-FOR-YOU, also known by their acronym DFY, is one of the Voices. They seem to represent selflessness and sacrifice. In several instances they have asked players to "demonstrate their passion" suggesting they respect a strong will to defend ones beliefs and values.


It um, knows how I'm going to die? Says it won't be scary or painful if I go with her.
~ A. Moeckel on Sacrifice Quote

IN-HER-TEETH, also known by their acronym IHT, is one of the Voices. IHT is associated with longevity and acceptance of the end.


It got me arrested for publishing ...intimate photos of cops? But one of my uh, subjects was the arresting the judge threw the case out!
~ W. Vennewitz on Sacrifice Quote

LAUGH-LAST, also known by their acronym LL, is one of the Voices. Little is known about LL besides their enjoyment for humor.


Forgive? No. Sorry, never. But Grandad taught me we all carry a monster inside. Can't wait 'til he meets mine.
~ J. Mitaine on Sacrifice Quote

SEED-THE-GRUDGE, also known by their acronym, STG, is one of the Voices. STG is known for seeking revenge.


They're the enemy. If I do this I can't tell the club. I can't tell anyone.
~ Anonymous on Sacrifice Quote

SPEAK-AS-ONE, also known by their acronym SAO, is one of the Voices and outwardly the most malicious. They seem to represent unity and order though at the cost of one's freedom and individuality. SAO is directly responsible for events happening in Redacre and seems to be in control of the Sleepers, the Lucids, and the Shape.


Dad tore my ear off, said I should never sneak out again, etc. But some new... voice, said, hey - dare you to do it anyway.
~ I. Madi-Shaw on Sacrifice Quote

THE-I-DARE, also known by their acronym TID, is one of the Voices. They seem to represent rebellion and risk-taking. They supposedly rebelled against SPEAK-AS-ONE and was consequently destroyed into little pieces (fragments). His Name Fragments can be found scattered throughout Redacre and in the Maze.


I remember bawling like a baby, nose running, you know... screaming something like 'no such thing as ghosts, or demons! You're just stupid noises in my stupid head.' Then one of them said: 'I agree'.
~ R. Giménez on Sacrifice Quote

THE-MEASURE-CUTS, also known by their acronym TMC, is one of the Voices. They seem to represent knowledge, realism, and precision.


An 8th Voice has been active in Redacre, speaking to club members in dreams and in missions. This Voice is perhaps behind the actions of the unfortunate club member who ate the head off the bird. Before revealing his name in late December 2019, this voice was known as "Unknown Hunter Voice". The community has nicknamed this Voice "Murdergod" given their malevolent demeanor.

Damaged Voice (Nameless)

A 10th Voice has become active in Redacre and has spoken to some club members. Some have given this Voice the nickname of "Nameless" due to their inability to recall their own name.

"The Captive", the 11th Voice

An 11th Voice has become active, calling itself "The Adversary" to players. This Voice has taken players to the Moon and Saturation Control where players have seen its icon. This is the same experience and icon some players reported during the Closed Beta in October 2018. Other Voices have claimed this is an empowered human who used to be a host to THEE-I-DARE before fragmentation.


  • Although officially known as Voices, many in community actively refer to them as "Gods".


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