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General Tops

Tops that are purchasable in-game through the Store with snacks.

Army Jacket

Baseball Jacket

Baseball Tee

Baseball Tee (Halloween 2019)

Flannel Shirt


Jean Vest

Long Sleeve Tee

Pajama Top (Holiday 2019)

Tank Top

Ugly Sweater (Holiday 2019)

Exclusive Tops

Tops that can only be obtained through certain tasks, events, or through other mysterious circumstances.


Tops that can only be obtained through sacrificing XP.

The Place Between

Tops that can only be obtained by visiting The Place Between and successfully performing Old Tongue.

Premium Content

Exclusive tops that can only be obtained by purchasing downloadable content (DLC) on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Founder's Club

Believer Cosmetic Pack DLCs

There are 7 DLC Packs for the Voices. Each pack contains one shirt and one jacket for the particular Voice.