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This gallery is a collection of all cosmetic items under the Tops category.

General Tops[edit | edit source]

Tops that are purchasable in-game through the Store with snacks.

Army Jacket[edit | edit source]

Baseball Jacket[edit | edit source]

Baseball Tee[edit | edit source]

Flannel Shirt[edit | edit source]

Hoodie[edit | edit source]

Jean Vest[edit | edit source]

Long Sleeve Tee[edit | edit source]

Tank Top[edit | edit source]


Exclusive Tops[edit | edit source]

Tops that can only be obtained through certain tasks, events, or through other mysterious circumstances.

Premium Content[edit | edit source]

Exclusive tops that can only be obtained by purchasing downloadable content (DLC).

Founder's Club[edit | edit source]

See: Founders Club DLC (Steam)